Jerry’s BBQ…Calling All Rib Lovers!!
By John Richert

Finger lickin’ good…and I’m not talking about The Colonel. An outing to sample the fare at Jerr’y Barbecue & Grill restaurant brought myself and a clutch of colleagues to explore the many savory offerings on hand. The outcome wasa belt loosening, contented discovery session to find some of the best barbecued ribs in Singapore! By ribs, I mean true barbecue…

Memphis style. To digress for a moment, in general to probably half the guys out there, barbecue means anything cooked outdoors over charcoal or a gas grill. Furthermore, this may include anything you dare toss onto on your outdoor grill(shrimps on the Barbie anyone?). To others, barbecue simple invokes the lazy days of summer and munching grilled chicken or ribs while savory sauces drip off your chin and fingers.

For some readers unfamiliar with “real” barbecue and to those barbecue aficionados, Jerry’s specializes in Memphis-style barbecue. As a primer, true barbecue is a method of cooking meat at very low temperatures, very slowly, with the heat source being away from the meat itself. Memphis-style is much is probably  
best known for its dry style is highly flavored and is much less messy to eat than the wet style. In the dry process, the ribs are coated with a “rub” made from a blend of spices such as garlic, paprika, onions and cumin with a touch of salt and suger. They are then cooked on a smoker until they are fall-off-the bone tender.

Typically, dry ribs are served with a sauce on the side. Such is the style at Jerry’s, who imported special controlled hickory smoking ovens to barbecue to perfection. A homemade, tomato-based delicious barbecue sauce provides the final touch. The slow cooking accomplishes three important things: the  long, slow cooking exposure renders most of the fat out of the meat so it is non-greasy; it breaks down the tougher connective tissues inside the meat; and lastly, the meat and rub caramelizes producing an intensely flavorful crust… and voila, the meat literally falls off the bone!

Along with ribs, another of Jerry’s specialties is pulled pork, traditionally offered as a savory sandwich. The pork comes from the shoulder cuts and the slow-roasting, again, promotes an easy “pulling” off the bone. Along with the traditional ribs and pulled pork, another one of Jerry’s signature dishes is chicken wings. These are offered in a number of sauces, and are a perfect starter, or in a larger portion, a great accompaniment to jug of Tiger.

We also sampled Jerry famous USDA choice steaks which were cooked perfectly to order. Delicious and traditional side dishes included potato salad, coleslaw and baked beans, just like mom made! Your meal can also be enhanced with your very own “made to order” salad from their well-stocked salad bar. You can end the meal on a sweet note with a wonderful slice of pecan pie.

For those who are not meat eaters, do not be deterred. Jerry’s also offers a full selection of seafood choices as well as some of Singapore specialties, such as chili crab. There is a wide selection of beers available and a wine list that offers many excellent elections at reasonable at very reasonable prices.

So if you’re craving true barbecue in a casual setting with selections for all, don’t hesitate to drop in on Jerry’s Barbecue & Grill.

Jerry’s has several outlets, including the original restaurant in Jalan Kayu and a central location in the orchard Tangling shopping region (#01-01 Tanglin Shopping Centre) in the centre of Singapore. Home delivery options can make this a perfect choice for your next poolside entertaining needs.



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